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Exercise to a Beat

Exercise to a Beat

By: Staff 06/12/2013

Intense activity seems less rigorous when you’re moving to a rhythm

The non-hitting partner in doubles should help dictate play

The non-hitting partner in doubles should help dictate play

By: Staff 04/29/2013

In doubles, it’s imperative to have a partner that’s good at the net. Tennis View recently asked Bob and Mike Bryan about the role of the non-hitting partner in doubles and how they can best influence the point.

Eat to Beat: 5 Foods to eat and 5 Foods to Avoid Before Competition

By: Kait O'Callahan 02/20/2013

Food is fuel. The more energy one expends during an activity, the more fuel a person requires. In essence, sitting at a desk writing reports requires much less fuel [or food] than someone on the go running errands or breaking a sweat with an elevated heart rate for the same duration.

The Hardest Win of my Life

Jason DeCosta’s Hardest Win of His Life

By: Jason DeCosta 02/20/2013

I can count on one hand the number of men I have met that I would consider majestic. I added one to that

Smash to a Better Net Game

Smash to a Better Net Game: Drop Back Like a Quarterback for a Better Overhead

By: Chris Cozzillio 02/20/2013

A common question asked by students working on their net game is, “What if I get lobbed?” The best response—acquire a successful overhead. The following segments will give you the steps to help you hit your overhead like the best players in the world.

Zoe’s Hope

By: Mara Tamir Spiegel 01/01/2013

Today is September 20, 2012. It’s hard to believe that it’s been four years – a whole four years since my then 4½-year-old daughter, Zoe, met Richard Spurling, founder of ACEing Autism, a nonprofit program that provides recreational tennis for autistic children

Learn to Compete Tennis Game

Learn to Compete

By: Adam Naylor 12/31/2012

Your volleys are crisp on the lesson court but are limp come match time. You manage to learn how to come over your one-handed backhand and really crack it except when the club championship rolls around.

Melbourne - Secrets from a local

Melbourne // Secrets from a local

By: Kait O'Callahan 10/17/2012

Melbourne is well known for its animals, sports, dining, shopping, wine and culture. However, Melbournians like to keep their local haunts a bit private, which is why visitors won’t read about many of them in any old tourist guide. The following is a selection of the very best things to experience in Melbourne, tourist-trap free.

Murray’s Protein Power

Murray’s Protein Power

By: Staff 10/09/2012

Professional tennis players expend tons of energy during match play, especially if you’re Andy Murray, who competes long and hard and generally advances deep into tournaments.

Tennis at Night Under Lights

Tennis at Night Under Lights

By: Staff 10/09/2012

If you have an aversion to playing tennis at night under lights, you’re not alone. Many players prefer hitting during natural daylight because they see the ball better. Darkness can complicate the game, but understanding its elements may help you see the game more clearly.