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A Heavy Issue - Will a few extra pounds impact your tennis game?

A Heavy Issue - Will a few extra pounds impact your game?

By: Staff 09/29/2012

Over two years ago, Mardy Fish appeared maxed out. At 6-foot-2, 200 pounds, he suffered from chronic knee problems, joint pain and a stalled ranking. Was there a correlation between his weight, health problems and mediocre performances?

Swinging Volley

Swinging Volley

By: Staff 09/26/2012

MADE POPULAR BY the likes of Andre Agassi and the Williams sisters, the swinging volley is a common stroke in the modern game. Although labelled a volley by defini- tion because the ball is struck before it hits the ground, technically the shot is similar to a groundstroke.

Short ‘n Sweet, The Abbreviated Serve

Short ‘n Sweet, The Abbreviated Serve

By: Staff 09/25/2012

ANDY RODDICK POSSESSES one of the most powerful, effective serves on the circuit, consistently ranking among the best in total aces produced. Unlike most players, he uses an abbreviated service motion where during the moment he tosses the ball the racquet head is pointing up.

Keep Blisters at Bay

Treatments for a blister

By: Kait O'Callahan 09/25/2012

Hands and feet can play victim to painful blisters, especially for athletes who endure friction from shoes and racquets.