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Tennis Instruction

Mark Gellard

Coach's Corner: What Makes A "Good" Practice?

By Mark Gellard 02/27/2020

Coach Mark Gellard breaks down some key elements to create a successful practice

Caroline Wozniacki

The Value Of The Forehand Topspin Swing Volley

By Tom Downs 04/23/2019

Coach Tom Downs breaks down one of the more important shots in the game.


Coaching Tips: Dominating Doubles

By Tom Downs 07/25/2018

Tom Downs provides elements that can help you improve your club level doubles.

Tom Downs

Coach's Corner: The Panel System

By Tom Downs 05/07/2018

Coach Tom Downs discusses a system he created that helps players develop good point construction.

Coach's Corner: The Triangle Theory

By Tom Downs 04/06/2018

Coach Tom Downs discusses how using the Triangle Theory can help improve your game

Mark Gellard

Notes From A Coach

By Mark Gellard 03/05/2018

PTR Professional, USPTA Elite Professional, and NSCA-CSCS certified strength and conditioning coach Mark Gellard, discusses optimizing a tennis player’s performance and expediting their developmental process

Coach's Corner: Three Effective Volley Drills

By Mark Gellard 08/23/2017

Mark Gellard shares drills that help players increase their forecourt skills.

Serena Williams

Myths of Tennis: The Forehand Contact Point

By Jim Klein 05/08/2015

Images of Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, and Serena Williams show how to angle the racket at the time of contacting a groundstroke.

Maria Sharapova

How a Lower Ball Toss Can Help Your Serve

By Jim Klein 04/13/2015

While Maria Sharapova uses a high ball toss, most players would benefit from lowering their toss like John Isner.

Optimize Your Tennis Lesson

Optimize Your Tennis Lesson

By Ken DeHart 05/02/2014

In today’s tennis market, a private tennis lesson might cost upwards of $120 per hour. Here’s advice to students to get the most from 60-minutes