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Maria Sharapova All Business

By Teresa Thompson 01/15/2014

From the time Maria Sharapova lifted the Wimbledon trophy nearly a decade ago, fans have been smitten and her every move documented. And there’s plenty to detail as she juggles tennis, modeling, romance, charity work and, relatively new to her list, business.


By Chris Skelton 01/14/2014

The sky is the limit and the possibilities endless at the first major of the season. In theory, each of the leading contenders in the ATP and WTA starts 2014 with a clean slate. In reality, some will arrive at the 2014 Australian Open with much to gain and little to lose, while others seek simply to protect their territory.

Player of the Year: Rafa Nadal

By Chris Skelton 11/01/2013

Tennis gave us some of the expected, some of the unexpected and much of the memorable in a 2013 filled with twists. here are tennis view’s choices for some of the most compelling storylines of the year.

WNYC radio host Amy Eddings

By Tracey DeFrancesco 10/31/2013

Amy Eddings hates tennis. Her loathing compels her to push her body to the limit in lessons and match play, with the goal of one day ending her husband’s ability to return serve with a snaky drop-shot winner.

Toni Nadal, The Man Behind Rafa

By David Cox 10/31/2013

An exclusive interview with Rafael Nadal’s Uncle and coach, Toni Nadal, offers insight into the making of a champion.

By David Cox 10/11/2013

Camila Giorgi is a ball-striker capable of generating venomous power off both wings, enough to overwhelm even the most dogged counter-punchers on tour.

 Looking Back, Looking Forward:  The 2013 US Open

By Chris Skelton 08/06/2013

As any professional tennis player will tell you, every tournament is a new tournament, every match is a new match, every day is a new day. But even the greatest champions cannot erase memories altogether, allowing elation or heartbreak to glow or fester.

Lisa Laura

By Staff 08/05/2013

At 40, Lisa Raymond enters her third decade on tour, changes doubles partners, and continues tour success

Grigor Dimitrov Ready to Test the Best

By David Cox 08/05/2013

Grigor Dimitrov’s place among the stars has been mapped out since he won the Wimbledon junior title in 2008. With his brooding good looks and effortless game, he appeared made for the spotlight, and journalists hungry for a headline swiftly anointed him as “the next big thing” in men’s tennis.

American Hopefuls // Who will carry the flag for U.S. tennis?

By Tracey DeFrancesco 08/05/2013

For two weeks during the U. S. Open, the spotlight shines especially bright on both the veterans and the rising stars of U. S. tennis. John McEnroe says many years of American success during his era may have spoiled tennis fans.


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