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Tracey DeFrancesco

WNYC radio host Amy Eddings

By Tracey DeFrancesco 10/31/2013

Amy Eddings hates tennis. Her loathing compels her to push her body to the limit in lessons and match play, with the goal of one day ending her husband’s ability to return serve with a snaky drop-shot winner.

American Hopefuls // Who will carry the flag for U.S. tennis?

By Tracey DeFrancesco 08/05/2013

For two weeks during the U. S. Open, the spotlight shines especially bright on both the veterans and the rising stars of U. S. tennis. John McEnroe says many years of American success during his era may have spoiled tennis fans.

John Russo, Picture Perfect

By Tracey DeFrancesco 06/24/2013

John Russo’s professional portfolio boasts magazine covers featuring A-list actors such as Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt and Julia Roberts, but he has also worked with many top tennis stars.

 Heather Watson makes hard work look basic.

By Tracey DeFrancesco 06/12/2013

When Heather Watson won the 2012 HP Open in Osaka, she lifted more than just the trophy – she also raised hopes for the future of British women’s tennis

Virginie Razzano recalls her amazing home-court success over Serena Williams

By Tracey DeFrancesco 04/29/2013

Virginie Razzano, an elegant player born in Dijon, France, calls herself “the girl with a smile.” At last year’s French Open, she had plenty to smile about as she handed Serena Williams a stunning first-round defeat

Tennis News

By Tracey DeFrancesco 02/20/2013

Talk about champagne wishes and caviar dreams, French champagne maker Moet & Chandon signed a five-year, $30 million deal to secure Roger Federer as a brand ambassador. The Swiss star is now reportedly earning $50 million a year in endorsements.

Tennis News Gossip, Quotes

By Tracey DeFrancesco 01/06/2013

Big things come in small packages when you’re referring to world No. 4 Agi Radwanska, the 5-foot-8, 116-pound Pole. She may be slight of frame, but she’s a celebrity powerhouse, ranking first in Forbes list of most powerful Polish show business stars.

Tennis Best of the Best

By Tracey DeFrancesco 12/31/2012

The best of the best in Tennis for 2012.

By Tracey DeFrancesco 09/15/2021

The film was written and directed by Quentin Reynaud and featured a stellar cast

By Tracey DeFrancesco 08/17/2021

He talked about taking a Portable Ball Launcher from Crowdfunding to Courts Worldwide


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