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Hit a Killer Slice Backhand

By Miles Maclagan 08/05/2013

Professional and recreational players employ the slice backhand to set up an approach shot, to slow down the ball while recovering from a defensive position, or to handle a low bounce.

Smash to a Better Net Game

By Chris Cozzillio 02/20/2013

A common question asked by students working on their net game is, “What if I get lobbed?” The best response—acquire a successful overhead. The following segments will give you the steps to help you hit your overhead like the best players in the world.

Swinging Volley

By Staff 09/26/2012

MADE POPULAR BY the likes of Andre Agassi and the Williams sisters, the swinging volley is a common stroke in the modern game. Although labelled a volley by defini- tion because the ball is struck before it hits the ground, technically the shot is similar to a groundstroke.

Short ‘n Sweet, The Abbreviated Serve

By Staff 09/25/2012

ANDY RODDICK POSSESSES one of the most powerful, effective serves on the circuit, consistently ranking among the best in total aces produced. Unlike most players, he uses an abbreviated service motion where during the moment he tosses the ball the racquet head is pointing up.

Caroline Wozniacki

By Tom Downs 04/23/2019

Coach Tom Downs breaks down one of the more important shots in the game.

By Mark Gellard 08/23/2017

Mark Gellard shares drills that help players increase their forecourt skills.

Serena Williams

By Jim Klein 05/08/2015

Images of Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, and Serena Williams show how to angle the racket at the time of contacting a groundstroke.

Maria Sharapova

By Jim Klein 04/13/2015

While Maria Sharapova uses a high ball toss, most players would benefit from lowering their toss like John Isner.

Optimize Your Tennis Lesson

By Ken DeHart 05/02/2014

In today’s tennis market, a private tennis lesson might cost upwards of $120 per hour. Here’s advice to students to get the most from 60-minutes

Tips to Play Tennis Thru Time

By Fernando Velasco 05/02/2014

Getting older doesn’t mean you stop playing the game of tennis, it just means you need to make adjustments. Follow these tips to help you stay in the game for a lifetime.


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