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Tom Downs

Sonya Kenin

By Tom Downs 04/23/2020

Tom Downs was one of the coaches who helped shape the Australian Open champions’ game as a young player.

Caroline Wozniacki

By Tom Downs 04/23/2019

Coach Tom Downs breaks down one of the more important shots in the game.

Naomi Osaka

By Tom Downs 09/17/2018

Coach Tom Downs recalls working with US Open champion Naomi Osaka at the Harold Solomon Tennis Institute in 2014.


By Tom Downs 07/25/2018

Tom Downs provides elements that can help you improve your club level doubles.

Tom Downs

By Tom Downs 05/07/2018

Coach Tom Downs discusses a system he created that helps players develop good point construction.

By Tom Downs 04/06/2018

Coach Tom Downs discusses how using the Triangle Theory can help improve your game

Caroline Wozniacki

By Tom Downs 02/06/2018

Professional coach Tom Downs breaks down the reasons for Caroline Wozniacki's long and successful career

Nick Kyrgios

By Tom Downs 08/30/2017

The Australian moves the needle much like Dennis Rodman during his heyday

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