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WNYC radio host Amy Eddings

By Tracey DeFrancesco 10/31/2013

Amy Eddings hates tennis. Her loathing compels her to push her body to the limit in lessons and match play, with the goal of one day ending her husband’s ability to return serve with a snaky drop-shot winner.

John Russo, Picture Perfect

By Tracey DeFrancesco 06/24/2013

John Russo’s professional portfolio boasts magazine covers featuring A-list actors such as Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt and Julia Roberts, but he has also worked with many top tennis stars.

By Tracey DeFrancesco 09/15/2021

The film was written and directed by Quentin Reynaud and featured a stellar cast

 Judy Murray Gets Social

By Tracey DeFrancesco 07/03/2014

Judy Murray (@judmoo) is a fan favorite on Twitter. The mother of 2013 Wimbledon champ Andy Murray, Judy uses social media to show her followers what is going on in her personal and professional life.

Donal Logue: When Tennis Meets Hollywood

By David Cox 01/14/2014

Tennis View caught up with Logue to speak about his lifelong love of the game.

Steve Doocy, In a Class All His Own

By Teresa Thompson 02/20/2013

Every weekday morning, Steve Doocy informs and entertains the viewers of Fox News Channel’s morning show, Fox and Friends. When his studio gig is done for the day, he sheds the business suit for sports apparel, taking that passion to the tennis court.

Q&A Christine Taylor

By Cindy Cantrell 10/09/2012

Actress Christine Taylor, who is married to actor-director Ben Stiller, is best known for her roles in The Brady Bunch Movie, Zoolander, Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story, and Tropic Thunder. But, behind the bright lights, the Allentown, Pennsylvania, native identifies most with the roles as wife, parent of two, and tennis enthusiast.

I Also Play Tennis | Brittany Lincicome

By Staff 09/14/2012

If I’m not playing a golf tournament, I’m home as much as possible, and I spend most of December doing anything BUT playing golf! I love fishing, tennis and just being with friends and family.

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