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I Also Play Tennis | Brittany Lincicome

I Also Play Tennis | Brittany Lincicome Pro Golfer
  • Location | Seminole, florida
  • Golf season | February – november
  • World ranking | 15
  • Driving distance leader | 280 yard ave.

If I’m not playing a golf tournament, I’m home as much as possible, and I spend most of December doing anything BUT playing golf!  I love fishing, tennis and just being with friends and family.

My parents have always played tennis, so I’ve been around the sport as long as I can remember. But just the past couple of years I’ve started to play more regularly and prefer playing at night on [green] clay.

I travel with my racquet just in case there’s a court. I’ve even played in France. I just love how fast moving tennis is and all the exercise. I only play doubles, though, because you don’t have to run as much as singles. I know that sounds weird, since I just said I love playing tennis for the exercise!

James Blake has become a friend of mine over the past five years. We’ve only played tennis once together, which was amazing, but I’d love to play with him every time. He gave me a few pointers and served a fast one to me. I was standing on the fence trying to return it! James and I play golf all the time, so I try to give him advice on his game as much as I can. John Isner and I play golf sometimes too.

My mom, who plays inner club league, says I’m a 3.0. I’d like to think I’m that good. I’ve always been very athletic, so I learn any sport pretty quickly.

Being a golf pro has helped my tennis game, but I’m not sure if tennis is helping my golf game. It’s for sure not hurting it though! Golf is more difficult because it’s what I do for a living, and I work hard to stay sharp. Tennis is just for fun, and I’ve only had one lesson. I want to take more but then I might get too competitive and ruin the fun of it.

I Also Play Tennis | Brittany LincicomeYou have to be very fit to play tennis. Even though a match only goes for an hour or two, there’s a lot of running and fast-paced action. It’s way more active then golf. But golf is demanding in that a competition round is always around five hours, and that’s a long time to stay focused.  You have to be fit, but you don’t have to be in top shape. Pro golfers come in all shapes and sizes whereas tennis players are all skinny and toned.

My favorite golf stroke is a draw, where the ball travels right to left. I feel the same rush when I hit a great golf shot as I do hitting a winner forehand. It’s an awesome feeling. I’m leading the LPGA tour in driving distance right now, so whether I’m playing golf or tennis, all I’m thinking about is crushing it.

I Also Play Tennis | Brittany LincicomeI’m told that my backhand is my best stroke, but I love hitting a hard forehand. A great stroke is anytime you hit a winner. Sometimes I say, “WOW, did I just hit that!?”

Holy cow, I’m soooo competitive. I hate losing at anything I do. It doesn’t matter if I’m playing golf or tennis, I feel like I should win every time, no matter who I’m playing.

My immediate goal in golf is to win a golf tour soon. I’ve been playing so great lately that it has to be close.  For tennis, my goal is to just work on improving my very slow serve.

I usually just wear casual workout clothes when I play tennis. I haven’t gotten into the dresses and skirts yet. Maybe I just need to go shopping!

I would like think my tennis game is good enough to go pro if I would have started earlier. But now I’ll never know. If there is a senior division, maybe I can try that when I retire!

Being a golf pro has helped my tennis game, but I’m not sure if tennis is helping my golf game.


This article is from the Sept / Oct 2012 issue

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