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Grigor Dimitrov

Turning the Tide and Reversing Momentum to Take the Lead

By David Cox 03/13/2014

Every player has felt the moment of panic when a lead slips away. Here are a few tips from the pros to approach this dicey situation.

Using the I-Formation in Doubles

Using the I-Formation in Doubles

Keep your “I” on the prize with strategic court positioning tips from No. 1 doubles team Bob and Mike Bryan

By Staff 01/14/2014

Smart doubles teams know the importance of employing various strategies to keep tough opponents on their toes.

Moonball Moments

Moonball Moments

By Staff 12/16/2013

Ana Ivanovic, Marion Bartoli, Brad Gilbert and other pros give their tips for mastering the moonballer.

Dominate the Tiebreaker

By Staff 10/11/2013

When tennis games are tied at 6-6, a tie-breaker is used to determine the winner of a set. Sooner or later, most players face a tiebreaker. Some of the tours best players offer their advice for approaching this decisive situation.

Hit a Killer Slice Backhand

Hit a Killer Slice Backhand

By Miles Maclagan 08/05/2013

Professional and recreational players employ the slice backhand to set up an approach shot, to slow down the ball while recovering from a defensive position, or to handle a low bounce.

Approach With A Plan

Approach With A Plan

By Frank Giampaolo 06/12/2013

Hit the right approach shot to sustain the advantage and win the point

The non-hitting partner in doubles should help dictate play

The non-hitting partner in doubles should help dictate play

By Staff 04/29/2013

In doubles, it’s imperative to have a partner that’s good at the net. Tennis View recently asked Bob and Mike Bryan about the role of the non-hitting partner in doubles and how they can best influence the point.

Smash to a Better Net Game

Smash to a Better Net Game: Drop Back Like a Quarterback for a Better Overhead

By Chris Cozzillio 02/20/2013

A common question asked by students working on their net game is, “What if I get lobbed?” The best response—acquire a successful overhead. The following segments will give you the steps to help you hit your overhead like the best players in the world.

Learn to Compete Tennis Game

Learn to Compete

By Adam Naylor 12/31/2012

Your volleys are crisp on the lesson court but are limp come match time. You manage to learn how to come over your one-handed backhand and really crack it except when the club championship rolls around.

Tennis at Night Under Lights

Tennis at Night Under Lights

By Staff 10/09/2012

If you have an aversion to playing tennis at night under lights, you’re not alone. Many players prefer hitting during natural daylight because they see the ball better. Darkness can complicate the game, but understanding its elements may help you see the game more clearly.