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Tumaini Carayol

Stacey Allaster

By Tumaini Carayol 10/22/2013

The year-end championships in Istanbul gave the WTA CEO a platform to address what lies ahead for women’s tennis.

Istanbul Draw

By Tumaini Carayol 10/21/2013

Only eight elite women can compete in the WTA year-end championships. Whom will Istanbul crown this year?

Serena Williams

By Tumaini Carayol 10/10/2013

Majors, non-majors: no tournament can elude the relentless Serena Williams these days.

Rafael Nadal

By Tumaini Carayol 09/08/2013

The world No. 2 handled everything that the talented Richard Gasquet threw at him.

David Ferrer

By Tumaini Carayol 09/04/2013

Only one of the US Open quarterfinals features two top-eight seeds. It wasn’t what we expected.

Li Na

By Tumaini Carayol 08/31/2013

Under coach Carlos Rodriguez, Li Na has developed a hybrid playing style reminiscent of an earlier era.

Victoria Azarenka and Serena Williams tennis rivalry

By Tumaini Carayol 08/21/2013

Analyzing the budding rivalry between tennis’ top women, Serena Williams and Victoria Azarenka.

Maria Sharapova

By Tumaini Carayol 08/16/2013

Sharapova guards against sloppiness with an iron fist. But in hiring Connors, she briefly personified it.


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