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Strokes and Strategy

Learn to Compete Tennis Game

By Adam Naylor 12/31/2012

Your volleys are crisp on the lesson court but are limp come match time. You manage to learn how to come over your one-handed backhand and really crack it except when the club championship rolls around.

Tennis at Night Under Lights

By Staff 10/09/2012

If you have an aversion to playing tennis at night under lights, you’re not alone. Many players prefer hitting during natural daylight because they see the ball better. Darkness can complicate the game, but understanding its elements may help you see the game more clearly.

 Idolizing Your Opponent can Hurt Your Game

By Kait O'Callahan 10/09/2012

JUAN MARTIN DEL POTRO was overwhelmed when he faced Roger Federer for the first time at the Grand Slam level at the 2009 Australian Open. Coming up against a player he openly admired, del Potro was unable to play at his normal level.

Discover one of the Alexandr Dolgopolov’s deceptive weapons, his serve.

By Scott Mitchell 09/29/2012

Discover one of the Alexandr Dolgopolov’s deceptive weapons, his serve.

Clay Demands Craft

By Staff 09/27/2012

AS OUR ATTENTION has turned from hard court to clay, it’s interesting to dis- cuss what makes for a great clay-court player. Being the slowest of surfaces, players must be incredibly fit and highly intelligent strategists to dominate on clay.


By Van Sias 09/26/2012

That need for excellent movement is best exemplified by having the ability to “slide” around the courts.


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