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Health advice at-a-glance

By Staff 08/05/2013

Be mindful of whom you hang out with because your friends’ habits may become yours – for better or for worse.

Exercise to a Beat

By Staff 06/12/2013

Intense activity seems less rigorous when you’re moving to a rhythm

Run Today. Win Tomorrow.

By Kait O'Callahan 09/26/2012

If your reluctant to run for exercise because you think its too physically demanding or you’re not certain where or how to begIn, you’re not alone. truth be told, addIng run- nIng to your exercIse program, how- ever, mustn’t be complex. In fact, almost anyone can do It, and runnIng can offer great health benefIts – especIally for tennIs players.

New Year Exercise Success

By Staff 12/16/2013

Many adults begin the early weeks and months of a new year trying to launch and maintain a rigorous exercise program.

By Kait O'Callahan 02/20/2013

Food is fuel. The more energy one expends during an activity, the more fuel a person requires. In essence, sitting at a desk writing reports requires much less fuel [or food] than someone on the go running errands or breaking a sweat with an elevated heart rate for the same duration.

Murray’s Protein Power

By Staff 10/09/2012

Professional tennis players expend tons of energy during match play, especially if you’re Andy Murray, who competes long and hard and generally advances deep into tournaments.

A Heavy Issue - Will a few extra pounds impact your tennis game?

By Staff 09/29/2012

Over two years ago, Mardy Fish appeared maxed out. At 6-foot-2, 200 pounds, he suffered from chronic knee problems, joint pain and a stalled ranking. Was there a correlation between his weight, health problems and mediocre performances?

Keep Blisters at Bay

By Kait O'Callahan 09/25/2012

Hands and feet can play victim to painful blisters, especially for athletes who endure friction from shoes and racquets.

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