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EXCLUSIVE - Between Shots Agnieszka Radwanska

Agnieszka Radwanska, 23, has killer instincts and a calm under pressure demeanor that aren’t limited to the tennis court; despite being allergic to bees, she came to the aid of a television reporter during an on-camera interview in New Haven, CT this summer by killing a bee on his shirt with her bare hands!

Tennis View’s Alexandra Scuro recently chatted with the “private” Pole and learned about her goals, taste in music and much more.



MUSIC  On my iPod you’ll find everything – R&B and rap are my favorites, but also 80s music and Adele. I mix it up depending on the mood.


GOALS  I’m really close to No. 1, so now it is my goal to be No. 1. I think this is a dream for every player, so I’m going to do everything in my power to do that.


SOCIAL MEDIA  I’m a Facebook person. Twitter, you know, every hour saying where you are, what you do, I think it’s too much.  I just like privacy.


HOLIDAY BREAK I always take some vacation with my best friends, play exhibitions, and then just train at home.  The winter is minus 20 degrees, but I just love being home and I can’t imagine practicing anywhere else, even if there were better facilities elsewhere.


SPARE TIME  My day is so busy,  but in the evening, I try to go out to the cinema or bowling just to forget about tennis for a time.


BIG SCREEN  The last movie in the cinema that I saw was Magic Mike, so it was a good one – it was a really good one!


OLYMPIC FLAG  It was the honor to carry the flag for the Polish team, especially being that I was the first girl to do that in Polish history. 


FINGER FIXATION  I’m really obsessed with my nails.  You can’t find a picture of me without a manicure!



This article is from the Nov / Dec 2012 issue

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