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New Products to Improve Your Tennis Game



Develop precision net clearance skills with the Vohbe sticks and take your game to the next level. A new invention for tennis, the Vohbe stick provides visual feedback on accuracy, net height clearance and the related ball landing. Excellent training tool for coaches. $49


Own the Zone

EcoGrip™ is the world's first biodegradable overgrip, safely decomposing within one year after being discarded. Innovative EcoGrip plays great and is used by top-ranked college players and teaching pros. Get a Grip! $4.25/3pack, $12.95/10pack, $24.95/20grip reel.



Functional and stylish tennis bags made with high quality faux leather, water resistant linings and includes a matching cosmetic bag. Carry your racquet, water bottle, cell phone, a can of balls, shoes and more, they're designed for the busy club player to use for tennis, travel and every day! Made in Portland, Oregon.


Adidas Barricade V Classic

It's back and as good as ever, the shoe is durable, cushioned, and supportive and lives up to its “classic” billing. $110

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 babolat origin_for HOLABIRD

Babolat Origin 16/17  

Babolat bills their new Origin string as a power and comfort string.  It delivers on both fronts, but Origin's monofilament construction delivers a crisper feel than the multifilaments that make up the bulk of the playability string category. $21.95

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Babolat's French Connection

French company Babolat is the official strings and ball provider for Roland Garros and offers a wide range of product line. The Babolat French Open Aeropro Drive GT, sports new colors and is designed for more controlled topspin [Head size/100 sq. in., strung weight/11.3 oz.].  $209.  The Official French Open Ball, a Babolat exclusive, is a premium high performance ball. $3.25/3-ball can.



This article is from the May/June 2014 - Roland Garros issue

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