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Emmy Caporale

By Emmy Caporale 09/02/2020

The 33-year-old advances to the second round of the US Open

By Emmy Caporale 09/01/2020

The young American has continued her strong play in New York

By Emmy Caporale 08/27/2020

The Spaniard advances to the quarterfinals

By Emmy Caporale 08/13/2020

A revolution and evolution of tennis is happening in Cuba

By Emmy Caporale 07/17/2020

Re-visiting memories from Newport

Daniil Medvedev

By Emmy Caporale 06/08/2020

When tournaments resume, the Russian will be a name to watch.

By Emmy Caporale 05/09/2020

Pros returned to the courts in West Palm Beach

Rafael Nadal

By Emmy Caporale 04/22/2020

The tennis landscape looks quite different today than a year ago

By Emmy Caporale 03/18/2020

From Springtime to Autumn, the French Open makes a move

Rafael Nadal

By Emmy Caporale 02/29/2020

It is the Spaniard’s first tournament since the Australian Open


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