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Wimbledon Tennis Champion Pat Cash Announces His New CBD Product Range

Mar 4th 2024

MELBOURNE – February 15, 2024 – The 1987 Wimbledon Men’s Singles tennis champion Pat Cash announced this week on the popular Australian television chat show The Front Bar that he is launching his own CBD product range.

Pat Cash is the first major sports celebrity in the world with his own range of CBD products branded under his own name. He is looking to joint venture or partner with companies in the CBD and medicinal cannabis space.

I’m starting my health supplements company, starting with CBD oil. It’s all natural. CBD is great for injuries, pain relief, for sleeping, for anxiety. It’s absolutely game-changing. You’ve probably heard about it, some of the football players here are talking about it,” he stated on the show.

Pat is a major proponent of CBD, and he intends to lobby governments around the world to make CBD more widely available to people who really need it.

More and more professional athletes and health-conscious people are using CBD for joint pain or chronic pain, as well as for better mental health—to combat anxiety, depression—and to get better sleep.”

This is something that is natural and a lot easier on the body.”

I have been using CBD oil for many years to alleviate aches and pains in my back, knees, and Achilles Tendon. It has made a real difference to me. I wanted to create a CBD product that is really anti-inflammatory, crafted from the highest quality natural ingredients.”

We are developing a range of high-performance products for the active lifestyle, as well as products that detoxify and rejuvenate. My mission is to promote natural healing and overall vitality.”

Our products are made from the highest quality hemp raw materials, GMO-free and pesticide-free, and are the result of ten years of research and development. They are characterized by the highest quality, purity, and guaranteed CBD concentrations, with zero percent THC.”

Every athlete wants to know that what they use is the highest quality product on the market.”

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