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Vandeweghe Speaks To ESPNW

Jan 12th 2018
Coco Vandeweghe

“I think probably the biggest misconception about me is I'm arrogant.”Coco Vandeweghe        

Without Serena Williams competing in this year’s Australian Open, eyes are on other American women in the field, including CoCo Vandeweghe. In this interview with espnW’s D’Arcy Maine, Vandeweghe discusses the perceptions of her, and insists she's not the loud, brash and arrogant tennis player people think she is. She's got a note-writing habit and an addiction to reality to TV to prove it. On the heels of the Australian Open, the two-time Grand Slam semifinalist opens up on being a polarizing figure in the tennis world. Read:

On the WTA:

“The WTA was supposed to be a player union when it started. But as the tour evolved, it became something else. It's a business, and they're looking out for tournaments and sponsors, which they should as a business. But there's no one protecting the players anymore.”

On Practice Coach Pat Cash Keeping Her at Wimbledon after Losing in the Quarterfinals:

“It was almost like him pouring salt in the wound. He kept me around there, and I was still practicing and I was seeing all these people win and I could still hear the crowd and see the stadium. I stayed until the finals. Looking back on it, I could say it was [motivation], but in the moment, I was like, 'I hate every second I'm here.'”

On Having Friends like Behanie Mattek-Sands and Madison Keys on the Tour:

“I think you could drive yourself insane if you didn't have any good friends out there or it would be very lonely. I grew up with eight people in my house and then going to being alone in a hotel room, it sucks. So I think that's why I found a good group of people that I know I can trust.”

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