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Feel the heat. Preparation is key to an enjoyable season.


Try sunglasses on to ensure they fit comfortably and don't pinch around your head. The weight should be evenly distributed  between your ears and nose, and your eyelashes shouldn't touch the frame or lenses. In addition to choosing a style that's comfortable and looks good on the shape of your face, don't forget to purchase shades that will help protect your eyes. Excessive exposure to UV radiation may cause cataracts, burns, and cancer, so look for shades that block at least 99% of UVB rays and at least 95% of UVA rays.
Maui Jim Mavericks
These “pilot’s glasses” are reminiscent of the original 1930’s styles with their thin frames and teardrop shape, but use advanced technology to  protect eyes from sun damage. The thin full-metal, double-bridged frame is made from pure titanium and available in three colors with three lens color options for different light conditions. $299
Maui Jim Surf Rider
The mid-side, lightweight, sleek shades are constructed with water sports in mind but the new Surf Rider is suited for all activities and sports. Each lens blocks 100 percent of UV rays and 99.9 percent of glare while significantly enhancing colors. $219
Wilson Juice 100L
A relatively light racquet in the Juice franchise, the 100L is 10.4 oz strung and a great stick for either intermediate baseliners or 3.5 players wanting a stick with great maneuverability and stability. $219.99
Babolat Drive Z
The 9.6 oz strung, 100 sq inch frame is a lightweight, forgiving racquet ideal for advanced players, especially women and juniors looking for performance. $169
Wilson Federer LE W 9 Pack RD
Just in time for Wimbledon, Wilson releases the Federer LE W 9 Pack RD. EVA Molded Side Panels with Roger Federer Signature provides superior impact protection for your racquets. $120




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