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Tennis Racquets Made to Order

Dunlop introduces iDapt, an innovation giving players the ability to build their dream racquet.

Tennis Racquets Made to Order

Choices. Everyone loves choices, especially when they are making a purchase.

“Whether it's mobile phones, skis, golf clubs, or any number of products on the market today, consumers have come to expect the ability to have direct input into what they use,” said Kai Nitsche, V. P. and General Manager of Dunlop Sport Group Americas.

Following several years of product research and development, Dunlop has recently announced the release of the iDapt line of tennis racquets, a product that gives players the ability to individualize and adapt their frame based on their playing needs.  The technology allows players to customize the headsize, look, feel and length of their racquet, a process that is revolutionary.

At first glance, curious shoppers are amazed when they see that their iDapt racquet begins as several components and requires assembly. And herein lies the beauty of the racquet: iDapt  allows players to make several individual choices to suit their game, including: racquet head; the look of the racquet; feel (via Shock Sleeve); racquet length; and, gripsize.

“Tennis has become so performance oriented, and every player is different. With iDapt, players finally have a say in not only how their racquet performs and feels, but even how it looks,” said Hunter Hines, Director of Marketing and Product Development. “iDapt technology gives players hundreds of choices to have a frame made to best fit the way they play. It’s all about giving players the ability to truly choose their best fit.”

Beginning August 15, 2014, the iDapt range will be available in select stores across the US where each racquet is built immediately by a certified dealer.

Tennis Racquets Made to Order

All components fit each iDapt racquet head universally, so if a player wants to make a change to their racquet in the future, like a different feel, grip size, or handle length, any part can be interchanged quickly and easily. Also, replacing one component of a racquet, rather than an entire racquet, is economical and can be handled by any iDapt certified racquet shop.

This uniqueness has created excitement and intrigue among players looking for a perfect racquet. And when athletes take iDapt to the court for the ultimate test, Dunlop is applauded further for creating a high-performance racquet with unparalleled power, control and feel.

“Dunlop is a brand with a tremendous history of innovation,” said Nitsche. “With iDapt, we are giving players of all levels access to individualized technology that has historically been available to an elite few. We are proud to be the brand leading this product breakthrough into tennis.”

In this competitive market, responding to consumer needs is smart business. iDapt gives recreational tennis players choices that result in the purchase of a true customized racquet, a product representing magnificent foresight by Dunlop. Now that's brilliant business.

Visit to build your own racquet and to find an iDapt dealer in your area.


4 Headsize Options

  1.  iDapt 98 (98sq. inches)
  2.  iDapt 100 (100sq. inches – 16x19 string pattern)
  3.  iDapt 100S (100sq. inches – 14x18 string pattern)
  4.  iDapt 105 (105sq. inches)

3 Cosmetic Options

Each headsize is available in 3 different looks, so players truly can choose a look that suits their game and personality, which has never been available before.

3 Shock Sleeve Options

  1. Firm: Offers players maximum frame response and feedback
  2. Medium: 20% softer to provide a blend of response and dampening
  3. Soft: 25% softer than the Medium sleeve, giving players the most cushion and comfort

2 Racquet Length Options

  1. Standard 27
  2. Extended 27.5

6 Gripsize Options

  1. G0      4
  2. G1      4-1/8
  3. G2      4-1/4
  4. G3      4-3/8
  5. G4      4-1/2
  6. G5      4-5/8

Weight Options

The racquet features designated “Blast Zone” areas on the frame where weight may be added to further enhance the power, sweet spot, and/or stability. Weights are non-toxic silicone (not  traditional lead), and are available in 3-gram strips.