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The Serving Sock

Improve Serving Rhythm and Fluidity

If you played a sport that requires a throwing motion, like baseball, softball or football, then the serve motion in tennis may feel natural. But let’s be honest, the serve motion is complicated and feels awkward to many players, even athletes who have a great throwing motion.  To improve the rhythm and fluidity try training with The Serving Sock.

Go through the serving motion with The Serving Sock just as you would with a racquet (Many beginner tennis players may first need professional teaching assistance to ensure the serve motion is technically correct). The goal with The Serving Sock is to not allow the balls in the sock to hit your back while going through the motion. When the serve motion is fluid, the balls will not hit your back. Practice the full service motion until it is smooth and effortless then switch to a real racquet and ball. Return to The Serve Sock as needed to build correct muscle memory.

While The Serving Sock is 27”, the length of an adult racquet, both adults and kids can train with the device to improve their serve motion.  

The Serving Sock MSRP is $47.95. Visit for more information.