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Serena Williams 2020 Prototype Tennis Racket

The SW 2020 Prototype Racket pays tribute to Serena’s relentless pursuit to cement her legacy not only as an unrivaled champion on the court, but also as a transformative inspiration for many generations to come. Serena tasked Wilson Pro LABS with creating a racket that increased control without sacrificing her legendary power, and months later she has found a frame to playtest on Tour. You now have the opportunity to join this exclusive playtest and render your own verdict on this limited edition prototype – a racket that could develop into her weapon of choice in the next phase of her iconic career.


Limited edition: 24 frames available for purchase
Same specs as racket used by Serena at 2020 Auckland Open & Australian Open
Entirely black design with soft touch matte finish
Racket includes enclosed note from Wilson Pro Lab with specifications
This racket is unstrung and will ship in 5-7 days