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Rafa Nadal and PLAYTOMIC

Apr 8th 2024

Rafael Nadal is eagerly awaiting his return to the courts to compete in what could be his last year of competition. Considered the greatest Spanish athlete of all time, he has long been thinking about his future, and his involvement in successful businesses is well known. This time, he takes a new step into the business world by strategically partnering with Playtomic, the largest racket sports community in the world and the leading app for booking padel and tennis courts, boasting the largest racket player community worldwide.

For Rafa Nadal, it seems opportune to support Playtomic's growth by investing in the company and becoming a shareholder. Rafa Nadal's global projection, as one of the most recognized athletes in the world, will help boost Playtomic's expansion into other markets.

This alliance between Playtomic and Rafa Nadal aims to provide greater access and gaming experience for all enthusiasts and professionals alike, demonstrating that racket sports are intended for a very broad audience.

This strategic move reflects the shared vision between Nadal and Playtomic about the fundamental role sports play in society, as well as the importance of technology in facilitating access and participation in these activities for both the end player and the clubs.

A tennis player and athlete known for his principles of hard work and dedication to tennis, Nadal joins Playtomic as a shareholder. His investment represents financial support and also strengthens the company's mission to promote the practice of padel and tennis, connecting amateur players worldwide. Playtomic closed last year with over 50 active countries, achieving profitability, and plans to grow by 50% in the current 2024, reinforcing markets such as the USA, UK, Germany, Mexico, or Indonesia, and venturing into countries like the Netherlands, the United Arab Emirates, and Qatar.

Rafa Nadal: “I am very happy with this opportunity that Playtomic presents to me because it socially manages to bring together a community interested in padel and tennis and makes this sport accessible to all types of people, regardless of physical fitness or level of play. I believe that bringing sport to everyone always has a positive impact on society.”

Félix Ruiz, Co-Founder and CEO of Playtomic: “Personally, I am very excited to see a sports legend like Rafa Nadal join Playtomic. It will be a great boost to help us raise awareness of our technology platform and support the growth of racquet sports around the world.””

Playtomic, the leading app in the sports sector, facilitates immediate booking and management of clubs dedicated to tennis and padel, allowing players to access and book courts quickly and efficiently. Players can find padel courts in more than 50 countries with a wide community of players at different levels.

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