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OnCourt OffCourt

OnCourt OffCourt is one of the world’s top creative resources for training aids and equipment for tennis, pickleball, fitness, yoga, and more. 

They are a family owned company and have been serving customers for almost 30 years with their unique designs, innovative aids, and personal love for the game. 

Here are a few of their key products we love at Tennis View Magazine and think you will, too! 

Foldable Yoga Mat: 

This is the ORIGINAL foldable, multi-purpose yoga mat. OnCourt OffCourt’s Foldable Yoga Mat 

The unique, innovative design of OnCourt OffCourt’s Foldable Yoga Mat is perfect for long-time yoga lovers and those just starting out! 

The eco-friendly mat has a different texture on each side, providing a better grip for your body when placing the mat on smooth surfaces. 

The unique segmented design allows the mat to be folded in a variety of ways, giving you more support when you need it, a bolster when you need it, or anything else! 

The high-quality material makes it super light, durable, and easy to take with you anywhere you go at a competitive, entry-level price point! 

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Get-A-Grip Yoga Mat:

OnCourt OffCourt’s Get-a-Grip Yoga Mat is the durable, super grippy yoga mat you’ve been waiting for. It has a proprietary, non-slip texture for a solid grip to support even the most sweaty practices, making it great for outdoor use, heated yoga, and more! 

The mat’s extra-wide design is made from eco-friendly natural rubber at half the price of competitors, making it great for long-time yoga practitioners and those just starting out! 

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Yoga Mat Bag:

OnCourt OffCourt’s Yoga Mat Bag is the perfect companion for you and your yoga mat, anywhere you go! 

The durable bag slips on comfortably, is durable, and comes with a unique, striking design. Plus, it comes with a convenient front pocket for your keys, cell phone, or whatever else you want to keep on hand! 

Makes taking your yoga practice with you a breeze! 

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Sweet Spot Trainer:

The Sweet Spot Trainer is the first live-ball training aid that tells you when you hit off-center, providing instant feedback for fast corrections and even faster learning! 

Most recreational players hit off-center - even at the highest levels of play, off-center hits are the cause of the majority of errors on the court. 

With the Sweet Spot Trainer, players have a unique training aid that accelerates learning and growth - while doing the drills and exercises you’re already doing! 

Perfect for players and coaches! 

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Backswing Solution:

A common problem on the court has a very easy solution! If you struggle with hitting shots late on the court, your big backswing is likely the culprit. 

However, learning to shorten your backswing on your own can be incredibly difficult and take a long time - but not with the kinesthetic training aid, The Backswing Solution. 

This easy-to-use aid helps you get a feel for shorter, more compact backswings on your volleys and groundstrokes, helping you take your game to the next level! 

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Topspin Solution:

OnCourt OffCourt’s Topspin Solution is an amazing and affordable training aid, perfect for players and coaches of any skill level. 

The Topspin Solution allows players to practice virtually every shot in tennis, focusing on the micro-muscles which accelerate learning and recall. 

In no time, players can learn to add topspin to their groundstrokes, practice slice and kick serves, and hone their skills on their own! 

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Radar Coach:

Ever wonder how fast your serve or forehand is? 

With the Radar Coach from OnCourt OffCourt, you have a reliable, affordable way to track and record how hard you and others are hitting the ball. 

Players can track progress and challenge themselves with precise, accurate readings. 

Coaches can provide more fun, engaging ways to teach their players. 

And radar is an excellent add-on for courts, schools, clubs, and organizations that want to attract more players. 

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Start Rite Grip Trainer:

Learning grips can be a huge obstacle for many players to overcome, but with OnCourt OffCourt’s Start Rite Grip Trainer, they can develop and improve the continental grip among others in just minutes! 

This clever little aid effortlessly attaches to your racket’s grip and helps you develop a natural feel for grips as you do your normal drills and exercises. 

A perfect addition for coaches! 

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Serving Sock:

The Serving Sock from OnCourt OffCourt helps players improve the rhythm and fluidity of their serves by correcting uneven and awkward serving motions. 

Just by using the Serving Sock, players will develop a more fluid serve that helps them hit with more power and accuracy. 

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Serve Rite Racquet:

One of the biggest challenges in tennis is learning the Continental Grip. But with the Serve Rite Racquet, players and coaches have an easy-to-use training aid that makes developing a strong continental grip easier than ever before. 

Just by using the racket’s molded handle, players slowly start to get a real feel for a solid Continental Grip. 

This patent-pending training aid is great for coaches, parents, and clubs that want the best for their players, giving them the highest chance for success and fun. 

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Magnetic and Dry Erase Coach’s Board:

Teaching tennis strategy has never been easier with OnCourt OffCourt’s Magnetic and Dry Erase Coach’s Board.

The board has a dry-erase pen and magnetic dots to help coaches and parents teach students the most effective singles and doubles strategies with clear, strong visuals. 

As an added bonus, the reverse side is for pickleball, letting you teach both sports with just one handy board. Great for clubs, schools, and coaches! 

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