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A Lightweight, Durable Tennis Shoe

Test the Adidas' adiZero ClimaCool Feather III this summer

A Lightweight, Durable Tennis Shoe

While the Barricade series is adidas' traditional workhouse, the Feather series is also a solid performer. And the newest version, the adidas adiZero ClimaCool Feather III, is lightweight, responsive and durable.

Weighing in at 12.5 ounces for a men's size 9, the Feather III isn't the lightest tennis shoe on the market, but it's pretty close.  Happily, I found the fit of the Feather III much more accommodating than previous versions as I've had issues with the Feather's narrow fit in the past.

The upper of the shoe is well-ventilated and designed to minimize weight.  To enhance breathability, the toebox features a lot of mesh, but as toe-draggers know, exposed mesh doesn't usually fare well on hard courts. Fortunately, adidas opted to protect the mesh toebox with a durability-boosting adiTuff™ material overlay, so even big-time toe-draggers should get plenty of durability.  The tongue of the shoe is thin, and while that does minimize weight, it also opens up the possibility of lace-bite for folks who like to tie their shoes extra tight.  My one issue with the tongue was its tendency to bunch up a little if I wasn't careful while putting them on.

The Feather III's midsole offers decent cushioning for a lightweight shoe, but it's not as robust as some of the heavier shoes on the market.  The Feather's midsole puts your foot low to the ground, giving the shoe a responsive, fast feel, which I love.  The low-to-the-ground design also provides a feeling of stability that provided extra confidence during fast, lateral movements. 

The outsole offers plenty of traction for explosive movement and the herringbone design performs well on hard and clay courts.  In my time wearing the Feather III, its durability has remained solid for a lightweight shoe.

Overall, the adidas adiZero ClimaCool Feather III is a great option for any player looking for a lightweight, responsive shoe.  The lighter weight comes at the expense of some additional cushioning, but, aside from that and a few minor complaints about the tongue design, the Feather III is an excellent all-court performer: fast and stable. 

– Ryan Woodring, Holabird Sports Product Specialist

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