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Genesis Typhoon String

Newer brands like Genesis are starting to steal some of the spotlight

Genesis Typhoon Tennis String

Genesis Typhoon Tennis String   

More and more I've been hearing a lot of buzz from our customers and my tennis friends about some of the “smaller” string brands that have started hitting the market.  While big boys like Luxilon, Babolat, Prince, and Gamma still seem to top the charts, newer brands like Genesis are starting to steal some of the spotlight.

After hearing so many positive things about Genesis, I decided it was time to see for myself.  So I rummaged through an envelope of string samples, came out with a pack of Genesis Typhoon 16L, then headed over to my stringing machine and got down to business.

From an installation standpoint, Typhoon is about what you'd expect of a twisted, geometric polyester string—it's tough to weave, stiff, and generally unpleasant for the fingertips, but  it's probably no harder to install than the average poly.  Typhoon did have a slight tendency to kink, so extra care was necessary during installation to avoid damage.

On the courts, Typhoon performed very well, though it took me a little bit of time to get used to it.  Once I got adjusted, the string felt crisp and responsive and offered plenty of heavy spin potential.  As expected, feel was so-so—no surprise with a full bed of polyester—but I was able to get unexpectedly excellent feel on volleys.  I also thought Typhoon felt pretty soft for a polyester and I didn't experience any arm discomfort, even after a few long, tough matches.

Tension maintenance seemed a bit lower-than-average compared to other polyesters, but it wasn't unreasonable.  I spread about 12 hours of hitting over 2 weeks or so and never thought Typhoon became mushy from tension loss.  By the end of my last hitting session it was starting to feel a little dead, though my experience with polys indicates that the 10-15 hour mark is about the useful life for most polyesters anyway.

All-in-all, I'd say that Genesis Typhoon stands up very favorably to many of the other polyester offerings on the market—and at a very reasonable price, too.  Aside from slightly below-average tension maintenance, Typhoon was outstanding in every other facet—offering lots of spin potential, control, and a surprising amount of comfort!

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By Ryan Woodring

Product Specialist