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Inside the Science of Serves, Nerves and On-Court Dominance

Tennisology, Inside the Science of Serves, Nerves

Tennisology” by Dr. Thomas Rowland, a professor in exercise science at the University of Massachusetts, is a comprehensive examination of the philosophy, psychology, history, art, ethics, and science behind the game of tennis. From a brief history of tennis, to an exploration of the physical laws of the game, to technological developments and neurophysiological advances, this book surveys numerous aspects of the game outside of technical skill. Suited for a parent with tennis-playing children as much as for an every day club player or even college coach, Dr. Rowland explores how so many aspects of tennis share a great deal with that of our experiences with daily life, including how we make decisions and confront uncertainty and handle wins and losses. It’s a book deeply-centered in understanding that the challenge of tennis is not the racquet, weather or opponent. It’s the self.

Tennisology: Inside the Science of Serves, Nerves, and On-Court Dominance
by Thomas W. Rowland  | *Available April 2014, $19.95

Paperback, Approx. 210 pp | ISBN 978-1-4504-3416-4