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Hitzone Trains Muscle Memory

Not your Typical Tennis Ball Machine

The Babolat Play Pure Drive

Not your typical tennis ball machine, the Hitzone Air-Suspension Tees features a powerful blower motor that suspends the tennis ball [or baseball] on a column of air, floating and spinning the ball simulating a tennis return. It’s a training tool used to improve form and repetitive technique, but there are additional advantages that allow a tennis player to measure exactly where they should be in relation to the ball for the perfect hit.

Hit Zone Deluxe Plus Models feature a high-velocity 4.0 peak HP blower motor with infinitely variable speed control that allows users to custom tailor the height at which the ball is suspended above the nozzle. At full power, Hit ZoneTM Deluxe Plus models suspend most tennis balls up to 18” above the top of the nozzle. If the tee is accidentally hit the racquet passes through the patented fabric nozzle with no damage.

The HitZone Standard Models [$179.95offers a powerful 1.3 Peak HP Motor and single-stage fan, while the Deluxe Plus Models [$315] feature a high-velocity 4.0 peak HP blower motor with variable speed control. 1-800-822-1602;

  • Powerful blower motor suspends ball on a column of air.
  • Balls float and spin simulating real pitches and tennis returns.
  • Indestructible” patented fabric nozzle designed to take a beating.
  • Durable steel blower units stand up to years of abuse.
  • Compatible with most lightweight practice and tennis balls.