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Chris Evert and Brad Gilbert Address Media

Mar 15th 2017

ESPN tennis analysts Chrissie Evert and Brad Gilbert spoke with media Wednesday as they focused on the BNP Paribas Open from Indian Wells, Calif., and the Miami Open. 

On:  The Women’s Field at Both Events, Without Serena.

Serena not being here and Kerber all of a sudden not playing at what the level she played at last year, one word jumps out: Opportunity. You know, there's opportunity for every player. All of a sudden every player thinks about, you know what, I can make a deep run.” – Gilbert 
“And if you let nerves and everything affect you, it's going to hold you back.  I think this prospect of the opportunity tightens up a lot of players, so who is going to be the one or two emerging players that get through this successfully. I think it's all about the mental part, how are they going to handle the nerves.” – Evert

On:  The Men’s Top Stars Fending Off the Next Generation.

As long as I've been in the game of tennis, it is the most exciting time. You've got icons, the greatest players ever at the top who will go down in history, then you've got some very consistent players that have been in the top ten like Raonic and like Berdych and Nishikori and Cilic, and then you have the young guns that are so exciting like Zverev and Dimitrov and Nick Kyrgios. It's not only a high level of tennis but it's different generations, and it's different styles, and it's all different personalities. It just is so exciting right now. I've always sort of been a spokesperson for the women's game, but I've got to say, I'm probably a little more excited about the men's right now.” - Evert

On:  The Prospects of Madison Keys

But right now, it's just great to see her back being healthy after a wrist operation. I still think she's definitely going to win a Grand Slam, whether it's this year or next year. I think it's in the cards for her, and we all know the potential is there.” – Evert
“I think the talent is there. I think her big thing to – for the next 12 to 18 months – is just to be healthy….So I think once she can get that worked out… I think that she's incredibly underranked because with her talent level, she should be top five.” – Gilbert

On: Maria Sharapova Receiving Wild Cards for Upcoming Events

Maria has served her term, and she – this decision of playing is really within the rules as far as the wild card entry…You can't blame the tournament really for wanting to be successful and wanting to enhance their tournament by having a big draw like Maria Sharapova. I think we're making a big deal about it.” – Evert 
“(W)ild cards are for the tournament directors to give to whoever they want…it's completely within the rules and fair of the tournaments to reward whoever they want.” – Gilbert